Taking care of business

Man, I got a lot done today, and had energy to do more. Was up early, breakfast, showered, laundry, dishes, read, blogged, went to REI for some things I needed (including waterproof socks for rowing!), then to the park for a 3-mile walk in the woods with my dog and a good friend, lunch, then looked up details for a return I need to make, then a (subpar, you-get-what-you-pay-for) pedicure (my toes are VERY red) and dinner (take-out pizza from a place I’ve been saying I need to try for months). Now I’m reading and taking care of some housekeeping, and it’s not quite 6pm. Feeling myself getting sleepy, so I’ll hit the rowing machine (erg) soon, and get ready for some awesome Sunday night TV. Loves me some Madame Secretary and The Good Wife.

I haven’t accomplished that much on a Sunday in I don’t know when.

At the pizza place, a *really* handsome man told me I was very pretty while I was waiting. I sure haven’t felt pretty lately. OK, sure, he was drinking wine and watching the football game which was in the 4th quarter and he’d probably been there since kick-off, but it felt nice anyway. (Is this the other side of regret? Suspicion about the authenticity of what someone tells us when they’ve been drinking?) I’ve been waiting for my skin to start glowing and for people to tell me how FAH-BULOUS I look since I quit drinking. Hehe. Hasn’t happened yet, and somehow I don’t think this counts. Does it? Nah.

It’s interesting to me now when I notice the desire for wine cropping up. Walking home from my pedicure at about 4pm tonight (oh wait, the witching hour), on a beautiful, crisp Sunday evening, the wine goblin whispered, Maybe you could have juuust one? 

Yeah, right. Just one.

Guess I’d better finish that Annie Grace book.

And goddammit, I’m almost to double-digits. I don’t want to start over again. Nine days is the longest I’ve ever gone without alcohol since I started drinking at age 20. That’s tomorrow. Tuesday is 10.

So now, I’m sitting through the mild nagging for a (delicious! ~Signed, Wine Goblin) bottle of wine with my Rooibos tea in hand. Feels like I may be getting to bed early tonight, and that is alright with me.

Day 8. Rachel.

7 thoughts on “Taking care of business

  1. Hi Rachel,
    Just came across your blog. Congrats on 8 days! It can be so hard at times but it is so worthwhile. In January, I will reach one year sober. A year ago, I did a month sober and never ever thought I would be able to make it to a year. You will be amazed at all you can accomplish and the time you free up not drinking or thinking about drinking! Keep on fighting the fight 🙂

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  2. I get so much stuff done now too, things I never would have tackled or bothered wit when I was drinking. I actually feel like I have real weekends now and feel accomplished and satisfied by the time Monday rolls around. It’s a good feeling. Congrats on day 8!!!!! Go you!

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  3. It sounds like a great day. Hah-zah! And yay to Day 8! … Isn’t it amazing how much time you have when the drinking lifts out of your life. I still have days like that when I look around and realize how much time I have to Use and make my own, rather than drink away and forget about. Similarly, I used to wonder how everyone and their mother wasn’t pulling out their hair trying to keep up with Joneses. When I quit drinking, I realized it was just me. …Hoo-rah for you, Rachel. Go, fight, win!

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