Oh my god I’m tired and it’s only Tuesday

And still sober.

Today was a tough day at work. I’m completely underwater and brought more work home, even though I’m exhausted. I have been fighting a headache for days and today it turned into a full-on pre-migraine. Yep – and it’s only Tuesday.

I’m OK, drinking-wise, but the thoughts did flit through my head that I could just escape with wine — even with this headache! Amazeballs. It wasn’t strong, like an urge, but it passed through like a subway train whooshing past the platform I was standing on, and then it was gone.

Fecking harpy. Keep moving along…

I walked home (in the pouring, sideways rain), took my dog out (in the pouring, sideways rain), ate some dinner and surfed the web a little for something entertaining. Some sweet/funny/pleasing relief to enjoy with a spoon of peanut butter and honey (dessert). I found it, pretty much, with Super Tuesday news and some calorie-free Facebook videos (and my new Hollywood crush is Jeffrey Dean Morgan — Oy! — I watched his segment on the Tonight Show with Stephen Colbert… What’s next for me, Romance novels? 🙂 )…


Jeffrey Dean Morgan. A good source of dopamine.

…then remembered I needed to blog.

So here I am. I’ll make some tea, have a shower and get into bed to do one last thing for work before picking up my book. I turned the lights out early-ish last night (10:30), but the way I’m feeling with the stress and the fatigue after this day, I think earlier is better tonight. I have zero desire for wine right now. I really just want comfort and sleep.

Tea. Shower. Work. Bed. Book. Sleep.

And tomorrow will come.

Rachel. Day 4.

p.s. – Tomorrow I’d better get a sober treat. (Tools!) Tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Oh my god I’m tired and it’s only Tuesday

  1. Yes, I take magnesium, too. There’s one called “Natural Calm” that you make into a drink and it’s supposed to be better absorbed. I meant to say, i love the harpy image. Hooray for day 4, and hooray you! xo


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