Erotica is better than red wine anyway

It’s Friday night and I’m seven days AF.

As I was riding the elevator down to leave work tonight, a colleague I’m friendly with told me he was heading straight to the store to buy a bottle of wine and get drunk. He was a man with a mission. I asked him what kind of wine he was going to buy.

“Red,” he said.

“What kind of red?” I asked, thinking he also seemed like a guy with a preference.

“Any kind,” he answered. He’d had a hard week. A hard month, really.

The doors slid open and as we stepped through the lobby of my building he asked, “What about you?”

“I quit drinking,” I answered, calmly. I didn’t have even a smidge of stress or self-consciousness about it. It was amazingly easy. Matter of fact. I didn’t care. He stopped in his tracks, squared up and looked at me.

“Uh…is it good? Or bad? Or just had to quit?”

I knew what he was asking. Do you have a problem? Did you hit rock bottom and were forced to quit? Are you an ALCOHOLIC?

“Nothing bad happened,” I said, slightly amused. On the grand scope of things, and in the context of his inquiring look and tone, this was a true statement. Somehow I had embraced that quiet confidence I didn’t know I could. “It just wasn’t serving me well anymore and I feel a lot better when I don’t drink. So I quit.”

“My brother’s an alcoholic,” he offered. I don’t think he was putting me there also, but I do think he was trying to relate.

“I don’t really like that word,” I said.

“Me either,” he said.

And with that, we said goodbye and went our own ways.

For about half a minute on the walk home I thought about this as {{{Friday night}}} and that it sure would feel nice to slip off into a bottle of red too. And then I thought: No. It feels awful and there are so many other ways to feel amazing or cozy or at peace tonight, at the end of a long week, that have nothing to do with booze. In fact, booze would suck. No. Thanks.

When I got home I had a package waiting from Amazon. It was the “Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, volume 1” book I ordered. I’ve been working on finishing my novel again, and I’ve had questions about how “sexy” to make the romantic/sex scenes (it’s a love story). Do I just allude to the sex, do I go full-on explicit (be assured, I would never write words like throbbing member 🙂 ), or somewhere in between? Most of my favorite books just allude to the sex, and I’m always left slightly hungry for more. Maybe that’s on purpose? Can’t there be tasteful love scenes that don’t devolve into “Fifty Shades of Grey”? I’ve decided to write as much sex as I would want to read, and the “Best Women’s Erotica” book is purely research. Really. 😉

Happy sober Friday, y’all!

Rachel. Day 7.

ps. Saturdays are typically my hardest day AND I have a date with the juice guy, but I’m really excited, so tomorrow is going to be wild!

13 thoughts on “Erotica is better than red wine anyway

  1. Well done on seven days! I don’t know much about literary erotica, but I agree you should never write the phrase “throbbing member.” In any circumstance.

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  2. I think people are intrigued by those of us who appear to “have our shit together” yet choose not to drink. My answer is generally “it’s problematic.” People respond from their own frame of mind. Good for you, just putting it out there. It’s going to be easier to say that now.
    Enjoy your date!

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  3. Maaaan I wish “I don’t drink” would come out as smoothly as you managed it. I still feel the need to overcompensate for any awkwardness with a babbling explanation they haven’t even asked for 😦

    Hope your erotica wasn’t the cheesy ‘throbbing member’ variety! 🙂

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    • I completely get it. I have almost always given the awkward answer, but for some reason, it just came out. 🙂
      As for the erotica, the first story was a little “throbbing” 😛 , but the next story was much, uh, better… 😉 I’m taking cues (although I’ve already determined for myself that I can’t go full-on erotica. it’s just too graphic for my book).

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