Weekends at the speed of light

The weekend goes too fast. Two days is not enough time to decompress from the week AND get a ton done that I don’t have time to do after work Monday through Friday.

I’ve had a TON of herbal tea today — I kept wanting to put things in my mouth, so I tried to keep it to tea when I could. I was about 50% successful, seeing as I also made a point of buying a sober treat of a cupcake and a little ice cream. “This is my sober treat,” I told myself, as Belle advises. I savored every bite.

I’m feeling good, even if I’m looking for distraction at the same time as needing and wanting to be productive. There aren’t enough hours in the day. No wonder I wasn’t getting anything done when I was drinking!

Ah, me. Life.

A short post so I can get to bed on time. Like right now. 🙂

Happy sober week, y’all. So glad you’re here.

Rachel. Day 9.


baby goat

17 thoughts on “Weekends at the speed of light

  1. Damn that wee thing is cute! I am so with you on the weekend thing. I have a five day (!) break coming up over Easter and it is going to be glorious. My mum doesn’t work Mondays – I would love to wrangle a similar deal where I work (and I probably could), except Responsible Me says I need to save as much as possible before I leave to go travelling, and Responsible Me is right. Anyway. Happy Day Nine – I love reading your daily updates 🙂

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    • Awe, thanks! That makes a difference. I would love 5 days off but I can’t complain: Inhabe every other Friday off and I’m headed to Italy for 2.5 weeks in the 25th for work. Hoping to have some time off to relax and I don’t do well out of my routine, so I’ll need lots of sleep to stay balanced. Day 10 today. Only 90 to go for the first milestone. 😳


  2. I agree. Weekends are NOT long enough to decompress, get a bunch of shit done you didn’t get a chance to during the workweek, AND run errands! And herbal tea rocks, total tea addict here! Also, good for you for giving yourself much deserved treats! You’re doing great. Fuck Wolfie. He is a manipulative asshat who will NOT get the best of you. Xoxo

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  3. And btw, every day is a milestone because you have never been there before! I hope that you celebrate the heck out of yourself every single evening you go to bed sober and say “today I made the decision to skip numbness and choose living instead.” Yay, YOU! 🙂

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