Lucky (Day) 13

Now that I’ve committed to writing something every night for the next 87 days, I’m even more impressed by people like Belle who have managed to do it AND be interesting and insightful every single day.

Today is my Friday — I have tomorrow off — and I felt the teeniest craving to relax into a bottle of wine after rowing tonight. It didn’t last long, and instead I came home, snacked a little and watched an episode of “House of Cards.” They sure drink a lot on that show. They sure drink a lot on a lot of the shows I watch, as it turns out. Most of the time it doesn’t bug me, but sometimes… it does.

I’m still very much in that place where I feel like I’m inhabiting two selves at the same time: the self that thinks a glass of wine would be fun/satisfying/comforting/euphoric, and the self that is looking at that situation almost from outside of myself, and knows it isn’t at all what that first self has it cracked up to be. It’s like two sides of the Cab-colored looking glass. It’s going to take time to jettison the first self. I know.

I do keep hearing that voice again in the back of my head. The wine harpy, whispering  in my ear that after 100 days I’ll see how I feel. I’m not going to fight that voice anymore — not now.  I’ll just go all Aikido on it and bend like a reed. Whatever. Sure, harpy. Sounds fine, I say to her, but back off because I’m going a 100 days this time. It’s not forever, just 100 days. We’ll see how I feel then. Talk to me then.

“Stay Here.” I finally broke down and bought the “Stay Here” bracelet from Belle. I already have the “Not Today” bracelet — I wear it every day. But something about stay here has been resonating with me lately. Stay. Right. Here. I don’t want to think about 100 days or forever or next week. I’m just going to think about today. And maybe, if I’m feeling good and bold, I’ll think about tomorrow. But that’s it. I don’t need to sort out what I’m going to do on day 100 right now. I’m a helluva long way from that and it isn’t productive for me to be spending cycles on the philosophical merits of telling myself 100 days vs 100+ vs forever, etc. For now, I’m right here.

Stay here.

I have another date Saturday night with the guy, E. This time we’re going to see some music which starts kind of early (6:30 p.m.), so I left logistics open in case he wanted to make it a quick thing again like last time. (I’ve sometimes likened myself to a “dating autistic…I feel like I can’t read men’s expressions or behaviors accurately at all. like face blindness, but with romantic cues.) But he suggested we have a “late lunch/early dinner” at 4:30, so yay! I guess ‘be careful what you wish for,’ because now I’m definitely going to be with him for at least five hours, and all sober.

I’m going to do a lot of deep breathing and power posing (see: Amy Cuddy) before he comes to pick me up. 🙂 I’m also going to have a good talk with my life coach tomorrow about bringing my female energy to the date. Tips on how to be sexy and appealing. Oh, how I envy women who just get it. I know I don’t need wine to relax and have fun with him, but just try to tell that to my reptile brain! There’s a whole lotta years of programming to undo, and I’m diving in, head first (to mix metaphors).

The sun came out a bit today and it was beautiful. My coach responded to my email, and then masterfully addressed some of the team’s attitude issue during practice today. I was so relieved. I have to work tomorrow on my day off, but my good friend and I booked our airbnb apartment in Rome this morning and I’m so excited! Two weeks until I leave for Venice. I can’t wait. I’m very lucky and very grateful. It was a good day.

Rachel. Day 13.

11 thoughts on “Lucky (Day) 13

  1. Congrats on day 13! Almost to two weeks! Sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned. You are gonna do great during your date! Power poses are definitely warranted. 😝 And those bracelets are magical, I swear. I have the FUW one because I love profanity. 😂 And I wear it every day, too. Xoxo

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  2. I have a sober is the new black necklace from Belle and I love it.
    I always wished I had found her earlier and done he hundred day challenge.

    Just be you on the date. That is the secret. Do what feels right for you.

    I always put money on lucky 13 at roulette!


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  3. Rachel,
    I have a single friend who tells me all about her dates.
    It is very interesting, that’s for sure!
    In any case, just be you, because that’s all you can be!
    And if someone doesn’t like that..well, then he is not the right guy!
    Happy 13!

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      • True true! I’m just going to relax and be in my body. In the present. And I plan to enjoy every minute of being with HIM. 🙂 In the past I’ve noticed I’ve been sort of anxiously passing time or something. I’m sure it’s the lack of booze. I just don’t know how to be in the moment very well. I’m going to make a conscious effort tonight. Right. Here!

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      • You know, it’s okay to tell people “if I’m a bit edgy here’s why.” I was a loose end for several months last summer after I quit in June, and I told people (who I may or may have snapped at): I quit drinking, I’m a little edgy. No different from, “I quit smoking/caffeine/carbs/diet coke”. OOh it’s tonight!! OMG, have fun. Yes, be in the moment. I was going to say “this is the best part” meaning in a relationship, but that’s not true for me, all the parts are good 6 years later. That’s why you have to be yourself– so the right individual can find you and make you happy.

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      • So love this, Betty. Yes, I actually may take that advice. Being transparent in that way is being vulnerable, and that’s a good thing. (See: Brene Brown 🙂 )

        And I think there are great parts now, but I am with you: the best parts are when you have been with someone a long time and you can really trust that. Or so I hear. 😉

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