I’m going to assume this is normal: so tired. 

Day 39 of being alcohol free (I realize I might be confusing things with my gratitude challenge in terms of day count) and today I’m so tired. Didn’t want to get out of bed tired. I have plans for dinner with an uncle and I might postpone. I have work to do and I have a feeling it’s going to take twice as long as it normally would. 

Tell me, has this happened to you? I’ve heard of the early days fatigue, but I’m at 5.5 weeks. I was going to start a yoga challenge today but I’m just too tired. I’ll start when I start to have some energy again. Bzzzzz. 

On another note, this gratitude challenge is making me realize I’m not being very creative with my photos. I will work at that. Tomorrow. 😉 Day 5 of thanks yous. 

It’s a grey day and still I’m grateful for the walk with Bub today before it started to rain. 

Rachel. Day 39. 

8 thoughts on “I’m going to assume this is normal: so tired. 

  1. I had several days of fatigue that happened long after the initial withdrawal period. I hear this is pretty normal. And really, it kind of seems to make sense – the damage created by repeated exposure to alcohol may take some time to overcome and heal from, and it can involve any number of symptoms. If you haven’t heard of Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWs)/Protracted Withdrawal, you might find reading about that helpful. I don’t think that extreme tiredness is one of the cardinal symptoms, but you may recognize some other mental symptoms related to PAWs that you might not have tied to your sobriety.

    Either way, I hope you feel better soon! Just be kind to yourself and rest as needed, and trust that your body is on the path to healing and higher energy 🙂

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  2. I do recall some bloggers talking about a fatigue that hit them about every six weeks for the first half year to year or so of their recovery, and they attributed it to PAWS. I didn’t personally have any of that but I smoked like a pre-EPA factory for three months after I quit drinking so I may not be an example. Anyhoo if you’re tired go ahead and rest or lie down or sleep or whatever you need. Yoga challenge can wait, sobriety is more important and if you stretch yourself too thin that’s going to be a problem.
    I like your pics, particularly of the Space Needle with the clouds. This isn’t a photo contest, it’s about you feeling something about the subject of your pics. So give yourself a break- literally!! Also RIGHT ON!! 39 DAYS!

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  3. I slept through most of the first 2 weeks I think and even later I had returning fatigue. But I do not think it is strange, I mean, one day we are living in this fake made-up land where we manage everything and anything with booze and the other day we quit and things start to get real. That is good, but pretty big for a person I guess. I would not worry: do what a woman who loves herself would do: sleep when your body says it needs it and enjoy it, I’m thinking it is a healing. 🙂 Congrats on your day 39! Yay! 🙂
    xx, Feeling

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